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The following are documents that may be helpful to individuals in the community to learn about Forensic Mental Evaluations, the laws that govern the procedures, and who is certified to perform an evaluation.

MRCrP 12

Mississippi Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 12 outlines the requirements of Forensic Services in Mississippi. It requires we publish a list of certified evaluators, the documents required to perform an evaluation, and explains that counties will pay for mental evaluations. 

FMHA 2019

Mississippi's Forensic Mental Health Act of 2019 ensures constitutional protections for individuals with mental health concerns involved with the criminal justice system.

Certified Evaluators List

The psychologists and psychiatrists certified to complete evaluations in Mississippi are listed at the above link.

Defense Attorney Information Form

The Defense Attorney Information form is a required document for an evaluation to be completed. The form requires information about the behaviors or issues that have arisen that cause concern regarding competence to stand trial or mental state at the time of the offense.

Attorney Attestation Form

The Attorney Attestation form is a certification from the defense attorney that all relevant documents have been provided to Forensic Services related to a client.