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The purpose of this website

Initial Evaluations

The Initial Evaluations page explains the two options for having a defendant evaluated for Competence and/or Insanity. There are links to the order to use for an evaluation, information form required of the defense attorney, and search for the status of a case you are involved with.

Admission Evaluations

The Admission Evaluations page explains the process to get a defendant admitted for treatment at Mississippi State Hospital. There is a link to the order to use for admitting a defendant.

Certified Evaluators

The Certified Evaluators page displays a list of Certified Forensic Evaluators broken down by psychologists and psychiatrists. The requirements to become a certified forensic examiner are also explained. Please contact us for help in determining which of the three pathways is right for you!


The Education page has links we think are helpful in demonstrating what forensic mental health evaluations are. This page also has a YouTube video series explaining different aspects of the services we provide.

FID Search

When an evaluation is ordered, a Forensic IDentifier (FID) will be assigned and shared with the defense attorney, judge, court administrator, clerk, sheriff, and district attorney. The FID can be used at any time to check on the status of a defendant. For an example display, try typing in FT1234, FT2345, FT789, and FT200. These will show different status updates for demonstration purposes only.


The documents page has a list of files that include the laws that guide the process of forensic mental evaluations.